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Ben Barta

Ben Barta began studying with master thangka painter Sanje Elliott in 1992. Elliott became a guiding force for Barta in the realms of painting and dharma practice, encouraging and inspiring him to travel to India and Nepal. During his time in India, Barta studied with master painters Lama Tsondru Sangpo and Rigzin Norbu at Gonjang Gompa, near Darjeeling. There he focused on processing mineral and vegetable pigments and dyes, an element of thangka painting that is often quite time-consuming, expensive, and seldom employed in the West. Since then he has continued dharma practice and painting and completed several commissioned thangkas as well as a yearlong retreat.

Barta's intention with each painting is to create an inspiring image that is correct according to tantric deity practice, one that allows the mind to be simultaneously deeply at rest and wide awake through the clarity and natural rhythm of form and color. Barta adheres to the Karma Ghadri school of Tibetan painting, or the camp style. This term refers to the camp culture of the early Karmapa lamas, who would travel with large groups of followers, camping and creating their own customs and traditions along the way. To learn more, visit his website.

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