Artist Submissions

Please read the following BEFORE submitting your work. No telephone calls please.

Thank you for your interest in Amber Lotus Publishing.

We are not accepting writing submissions, including poetry and greeting card sentiments, at this time

We preview every submission and will respond if there is a project appropriate for the work. Due the volume of submissions, we are not able to respond personally to every offering.

  • We welcome offerings from April through July.
  • Artwork submissions must be thematically based and relate to each other as a series or body of work.
  • We look for image series that will be thematically compatible with our product lines.
  • Photography submissions can cover a broad spectrum of imagery but should be compatible with our product themes.
  • Photography must be professional quality — in focus, high resolution, and compelling composition.
  • Illustrations should be equally produced in a professional manner.
  • All images must be available in high resolution format.

Photography and artwork samples must be submitted electronically:

  • Make sure your name and contact information are included in your email.
  • Include a link to your website, a PDF with a sampling of your work (max file size 3MB), OR send three images as jpgs (max file size 500KB each).
  • Email to

Thank you again and best wishes with your work!