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Amber Lotus Publishing


New 2020 Calendar — Pooch: Terry Runyan's Dogs

Posted by Amber Lotus Publishing on

Dogs and puppies galore! Fine artist Terry Runyan combines quirky shapes, lively patterns, and playful colors to create her whimsical illustrations in this unique calendar that celebrates all dogs, big and small. Her joyful designs and expressive pet portraits are a blend of retro and contemporary styles, elegance, and humor. These perfectly charming pooches are begging to win your heart and make you smile all year long. 

Runyan is a visual artist and creativity coach who lives in Kansas City, Missouri. She loves all animals, and her artwork always includes a gathering of furry, feathery, and fi shy friends. She works in a variety of media, including paint, collage, drawing, digital, and video. After a long career as an in-house illustrator for Hallmark, Runyan now runs her own business creating art and videos, presenting webinars, and leading classes to help others explore their creativity.

New 2020 Calendar — Adventure Dogs

Curated from Instagram’s best featured images of our fearless furry companions, this photo collection showcases canines from around the world donning backpacks for a invigorating hike, navigating a kayaking trip through an icy wonderland, or quietly surveying the forest from the cleft of a moss-covered tree. These courageous pups inspire us all to stretch our [...]

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New — Planner Stickers from Katie Daisy and Gennine Zlatkis

Fits inside front pocket of the On-the-Go Planner. Full-color, die-cut paper stickers. 6 unique 4.5" x 6.5" sheets per pack. Also fun for decorating cards, scrapbooks, journals, and more.

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Our 2019-2020 Catalog Is Here

View our catalog online by clicking the image below. You can also download PDFs of the 2019-2020 Calendar and Greeting Card Catalog and Consumer Order Form.  

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New — Katie Daisy Flowers Always Journal

With Katie Daisy's inspiring artwork sprinkled throughout, this journal is perfect for recording your gratitude lists, meditations, prayers, poems, diary entries, or even your daily to-do list. Compact size (5" x 7") for your purse or backpack. Perfect bound layflat binding for ease and convenience. 192 lined pages. Colorful wildflowers, butterflies, bees, and nature motifs illustrated by Katie Daisy.

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New 2019 Calendar — Stoic Meditations

What is genuine happiness? How can it be discovered and lived? These are questions the Stoic philosophers of ancient Greece sought to answer. Their powerful insights have proven to be just as relevant today as they were 2,000 years ago. Far from being an obscure set of beliefs reserved for dusty books or discussions on [...]

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New 2019 Calendar — This Land Is Your Land

The movement to preserve America’s most remarkable wild spaces and to establish an endowment for future generations began in the 1860s. Visionaries recognized that these lands and historic places should be protected and cherished for all — “we the people” — to experience. Our connection to these public spaces is especially precious as the modern [...]

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New 2019 Calendar — Wild Woman Rising

Who is the wild woman? She’s the grit and grace inside that insists we claim our voice, trust our instinct, and fearlessly cast off forces that insist on perfection and oppression. She will not allow the plundering of the divine feminine or our natural resources. She will not be tamed. We crave her protection and [...]

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New 2019 Calendar — Super Foods

Superfoods — wonderful foods bursting with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and other healthpromoting properties — add up to super benefits for your well-being. Fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, nuts, grains, and more can bring variety and depth of flavor to your dishes while propelling you to vibrant health. This calendar is a visual feast of farm-fresh foods [...]

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New 2019 Calendar — Bird Brains

Ah, birds — those winged wonders. We can only imagine the observations of humanity they glean from such great heights. The wise old owl, the mischievous rhea, and the elegant eagle are among the birds featured in this intriguing collection of black-and-white avian close-ups that will make your spirit soar. Internationally acclaimed photographer Wolf Ademeit seems [...]

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