Beautiful and Magical House Cleaning With Feng Shui

Beautiful and Magical House Cleaning With Feng Shui

“Over time, the energy of the home grows stale and tired. Exhaustion creeps in when yin chi accumulates, overwhelming the vitality of yang chi. Unless the energy of the home is revitalized, the chi becomes stale, bringing weakness and lethargy to its inhabitants.” — Lillian Too

A clean house is a lucky house! Remember that keeping your spaces sparkling clean is part of creating sheng qi — the uplifting and auspicious energy that benefits everyone who lives or works in the space.

Here are some simple ways using Feng Shui practices to make cleaning beautiful and magical!

Before You Begin Cleaning

  • Open all the windows, curtains and blinds so fresh air and natural light can pour in.
  • Then turn on every single light in your space, including your front and back porch lights.
  • Start your playlist with happy and uplifting songs (and have a dance before you begin!).
  • Set a strong intention for your cleaning such as, "May this home feel happy, bright and fresh!" or "May my office feel energized, successful and prosperous!"
  • I find that burning high-grade sandalwood incense or smudging with palo santo or cedar before I begin cleaning makes the whole experience easier.


  • Check out the book The Naturally Clean Home: 150 Super-Easy Herbal Formulas for Green Cleaning by Karyn Siegel-Maier. It’s filled with great ideas for using pure organic essential oils in your cleaning so everything smells divine!
  • Add sea or Himalayan salt to your cleaning water for clearing negative energies.
  • Orange, lemon, and kaffir lime (fresh fruits or oils) are beloved in Feng Shui for their strength to clear inauspicious energies and lift the qi. Use in your overall cleaning but especially for toilets, bathrooms, and the bottom of garbage and recycling bins.
  • When you clean mirrors and windows, ask for clarity around any life situations.
  • When you clean walls, floors and ceilings, which all hold emotions, consciously wash away anything heavy.
  • Chanting or playing mantras while cleaning takes your cleaning to the next level!
  • Put a fresh lemon down the garbage disposal and water with freshly squeezed lemon juice down every drain in your home.
  • Change your bed sheets at least once a week and spritz with bergamot or neroli essential oil in water.
  • At work, clear the clutter off your desk and wipe down your desk with a drop of sweet orange oil on a damp clean cloth.
  • Tidy up your Mouth of Chi (front door), inside and out. Sweep the porch, shake out your door mat and spray down with water.

After You Finish Cleaning

  • When you pour the cleaning waters down the drains, visualize all the stagnant, dirty or heavy energies leaving your environment and life.
  • Make sure to take out all the trash and recycling after cleaning so no stagnant qi is left behind.
  • Ideally, take a cleansing bath before sleep and launder all your clothes before wearing them again.
  • Light a stick of high-grade sandalwood incense and a candle in each room. Or use an essential oil diffuser.
  • If possible, bring in fresh flowers or cuttings of fresh green foliage for each room.
  • Ring your doorbell 9 times feeling the sound permeating your space and imagine “ringing in” Good Fortune and infinite blessings!

Finally, stand at the center of your home or office, the Tai Chi gua. Say “thank you” to your space and express your gratitude for the safety, protection, shelter, comfort, beauty, love, prosperity, success, opportunities, and joy you receive from it! Next, offer a benediction or blessing for all who live or work in this space such as, “May my home always be filled to overflowing with happy qi and blessings for all of us living here and everyone who comes to visit” or “May this place of business be overflowing with benevolent service and prosperity for all”


Gwynne Warner-Donavon is the creatress of 10,000 Blessings Feng Shui and has been practicing Asian mystical traditions, meditation practices, and devotional ceremonies through the great kindness of Feng Shui and Taoist masters, temple aunties, and Buddhist nuns and monks.

Her passion is sharing these ancient Asian wisdom treasures and secrets with reverent joy in a fresh and authentic way so they're demystified, relevant, and accessible for your modern lifestyle.

Posted by Gwynne Warner-Donavon on 1st Sep 2022