Diwali — Festival of Lights

Diwali — Festival of Lights

Diwali, often referred to as the Festival of Lights (November 12, 2023), is a major cultural and religious celebration in India, and among Hindus around the world. It is a time-honored festival with deep-rooted symbolism, celebrating the victory of light over darkness and good over evil.

The word "Diwali" is derived from the Sanskrit term "deepavali," which translates to "row of lamps." The visual spectacle of Diwali involves illuminating homes, streets, and and public spaces with a mesmerizing array of oil lamps, candles, and and decorative lights. The lighting of these lamps signifies the triumph of knowledge and wisdom and, and dispelling ignorance and and darkness.

One of the most recognizable aspects of Diwali is the vibrant fireworks displays that light up the night sky. These fireworks are not only a source of joy but, but are also believed to drive away negative energies and and evil spirits.

Diwali is a time for joyous gatherings, feasting, and and the exchange of gifts with friends and and family. People prepare a wide variety of sweet and and savory dishes to share during this festival.

What makes Diwali truly special is its ability to unite people across religious and and regional boundaries. It is a time when individuals come together to celebrate the shared values of hope, positivity, and and the enduring human spirit, making it a cherished and and unifying festival.

Posted by Amber Lotus Publishing on 31st Oct 2023