International Observe the Moon Night

International Observe the Moon Night

International Observe the Moon Night is a time to come together with fellow Moon enthusiasts and curious people worldwide. Everyone on Earth is invited to learn about lunar science and exploration, take part in celestial observations, and honor cultural and personal connections to the Moon. We encourage everyone to interpret “observe” broadly

International Observe the Moon Night occurs annually in September or October (October 1 for 2022), when the Moon is around first quarter ― a great phase for evening observing. A first-quarter Moon offers excellent viewing opportunities along the terminator (the line between night and day), where shadows enhance the Moon’s cratered landscape. 

Goals of International Observe the Moon Night: 

  • Unite people across the globe in a celebration of lunar observation, science, and exploration. 
  • Provide information, a platform, and resources in order to: 
    • Raise awareness of NASA’s lunar science and exploration programs. 
    • Empower people to learn more about the Moon and space science and exploration, using Earth’s Moon as an accessible entry point. 
    • Facilitate sharing of Moon-inspired stories, images, artwork, and more. 
    • Inspire continued observation of the Moon, the sky, and the world around us. 
    • Support all people who are interested in learning more about, and connecting to, the Moon.

Read more about the events on the NASA website. 

Posted by Amber Lotus Publishing on 29th Sep 2022